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Submit A Machine Knitting Guest Post

I welcome guest posts here at MachineKnittingAdvice. They give readers fresh perspectives beyond what I can provide. I also learn a lot from the guest posts.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to write a guest post:

  • Increase your online presence and get exposure for your work in the knitting community
  • Increase Traffic to your website
  • Get full credit for your posts including links back to your site

What Kind of Guest Posts Are We Looking For?

If you have any ideas or information that you think will benefit any of my readers, you’re welcome to share the information through a guest post. You may choose anything that is relevant to machine knitting. It can be an article, personal essay, inspirational story, pattern or tutorial, interesting or unusual angles on knitting with machines, basically anything that helps knitters!

Guest Posting Guidelines

If you wish to submit a post to Machine Knitting Advice, please make sure you have read and understood the following guidelines before submission:

  • Your post must be unique and original. This means the post must not have been published anywhere else on the Internet previously
  • You agree to not publish your post anywhere else (i.e., on your own blog, on an article directory or as a guest post in other blogs). However, extracts and links back to your guest post on this site are encouraged.
  • The post must be relevant to machine knitting
  • Your post can be any length – anything goes as long as it conveys your message and is  high quality
  • Wherever possible use subheadings in the post body
  • Use short paragraphs or bullet points to make the post easier to read
  • The post must not infringe any copyright laws
  • Images are a great addition – but they must either belong to you, be copyright free or properly attributed and credited

A note on links to your own blog…

You can include two links. An author bio must contain at least one of the links. IF more than two links are present, I will keep the first link and one in the bio, but remove the other links.

No links to unrelated sitesI won’t accept posts that link to sites that are unrelated to knitting or crochet.

No affiliate links

Include a short bio (50 words).

Tell everyone in a sentence or two who you are, where you live and what makes you interesting. Be sure to include your link to your site, Twitter feed, or whatever else you’d like me to include. You are welcome to write anonymously if you wish.


I reserve the right to edit the post as needed (for example, to fix spelling or grammar errors, add links, etc) and to reject any post that I feel is not appropriate for this website.

How To Submit Your Guest Post

Please use the contact form to contact me and to get the ball rolling. Include an outline of your proposed post and I will reply usually within 48 hours.

Also feel free to send me any questions you have about guest posting.

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post for Machine Knitting Advice!

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